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Application: High standard occasions such as mobile performance, stadium, theater, lecture hall and multi functional meeting rooms. 

FEATURES: The digital signal processor, with accurately and widely for audio control function. Through front panel of interface function button, allow to send all of control parameters quickly. Backlight 2x20 characteristic ,LCD display channel and function setup. Related button can access all of audio function and system tools. More speedy setup and powerful of visual input/output routing,EQ,filtering curve system,USB and RS-232 interface can control software and PC connected. The advantage of software is that it includes very powerful preset ability, and it is very intuitive for audio routing and control processing, can be stored more than 30 type preset. 


① Input and output interface can be assigned to any one of output 

②Slope Rate: 12 dB/Oct,18 dB/Oct,24 dB 

③Oct and 48dB/Oct / 682 ms input delay, and 21 ms output delay 

④ Adopting Linkwits-Riley, Bessel and Butterworth filters

⑤ Parametric equalizer: full bandwidth, from 1/64 to 4 octave range 

⑥96 KHz sampling frequency 

⑦Independent input and output instructions.

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