passive 3-way 15 inch R2ES loudspeakers  

passive 3-way 15 inch R2ES loudspeakers 
Rated Power: LF:500W,MF:200W,HF:80W 
Peak power: LF: 5000W,MF:800W,HF:320W 
Impedance: LF 8Ω, MF&HF: 12Ω 
LF driver: 1*15'', MF driver: 8''*1,HF: 44mm*1 
frequency response: 50~18KHz 
Sensitivity(1W/1m)dB:102dB (1w@1m) 
Maximum Peak SPL:136dB(Pmax@1m) 
Dispersion:50° Hor×25° Ver 
Finish: high quality plywood with purple painting 
Dimension: L522mm*W445*H920mm 
Net weight: 36kg 

Features: Full range, stand alone enclosure Fully horn loaded for high efficiency Three-way bi-amped (passive HF) designed drivers Complete range of flying and mounting options Fitted with M10 flypoints Optional Wheelboard Optional scrim for discrete appearance The R2ES is an entirely horn-loaded, surprisingly compact, full range loudspeaker enclosure. The driver complement comprises a 15” for bass, an 8” for midrange and a 1” for high frequencies. waveguide and driver technology produces clear, involving and powerful sound. The R2ES unique combination of size, high efficiency and sonic excellence make it ideally suited to a wide range of uses. This loudspeaker resolves the requirement for quality, response and level from a small source. Resolution 2 systems can be supplemented with additional   bass including Infra-bass, BR Series or F Series enclosures. A slightly larger horizontal version (R2U) is available for installation in venues with low ceiling heights.