1U digital 2 channel power amplifier with PFC Stable @2ohm high quality Version

GYIMPEX AUDIO PFC SERIES is a powerful amplifier with stable 2ohm working system.

GYIMPEX manufactured PFC Series 2 channel class d amplifier very compact and lightweight stereo power amplifier in a 1U rack mountable housing, is designed for medium and Large Performance live or installed application.
PFC SERIES class d audio amplifier is a flexible and reliable power amplifier deliver 2*3500W at 8 ohms, 2*6500W at 4 ohms, 2*7500W at 2 ohms reliable power and pristine sonic performances.
it is SPECIAL DESIGNED and engineering for stable on 2ohm for long hours using live show. 1>. Amplification PFC 2 channels pro amp Class-d power amplification with high quality capacitors and high efficiency cooling heatsink provide low heat and high efficient performance.we use all grade materials imported from United States fairchild, ansenmei, Germany infineon, Japan TDK, stmicroelectronics, the selection of HIFI level chip, timbre
reached an unprecedented height of digital power amplifier.
2>. Power Supply The power supply with PFC (power factor correction) permits world wide AC acceptance and direct connection to any regional power line configuration from 90HZ-260V provide stable performance. Being one of the most powerful and technologically advanced power amplifier products on the market. The efficiency is over 92%, low calorific value means stable and reliable performance, more durable. Extremely wide power supply adaptability, built-in high quality power regulator. can adapt to the worst power supply environment, completely solve the problem of voltage instability
in remote areas.
3>. Cooling System
PFC SERIES features imported cooling fans, an advanced, thermal dependant fan assisted convection cooled system. The fan system is dependent upon the internal ambient temperature of the unit and runs as high or low levels depending on the amplifier's cooling demands. 4>. Protection Ideal for long-term reliability in any audio application, the output of GYIMPEX AUDIO PFC SERIES digital power amplifier is fully protected from short circuits, DC voltage, turn-on/off transient, current inrush.The protection circuit of each sound channel is independent, even if a certain sound channel cannot work, it will not affect other
sound channels, providing higher security for each performance.

5>The most responsible technical team
Each power amplifier has passed more than 100 comprehensive tests of AP audio instrument, ensuring that each power amplifier achieves the optimal parameters and performance and maintains a high degree of product consistency. It is the perfect choice for a place that requires relatively high continuous power and high requirements. The emphasis on timbre and high efficiency, while achieving good stability, portability and adaptability, make it a perfect choice.these amplifiers are the first choice of first-class system designers, sound engineers, and system technicians to provide the most reliable and highest level of power and dynamic margin in the smallest size possible.

1U digital 2 channel power amplifier with PFC Stable @2ohm high quality Version

8Ω Stereo power: 2*4200W RMS
4Ω stereo power: 2*7800W RMS
2Ω stereo power: 2*8500W RMS
8Ω Bridge power: 15600W RMS
4Ω Bridge power: 17000W RMS
Dimensions W * D * H (mm): 482*460*44mm
net weight: 12.5kg
8Ω Stereo power: 2*3500W RMS
4Ω stereo power: 2*6500W RMS
2Ω stereo power: 2*7500W RMS
8Ω Bridge power: 13000W RMS
4Ω Bridge power: 15000W RMS

Dimensions W * D * H (mm): 482*460*44mm
net weight: 12.4kg
8Ω Stereo power: 2*3000W RMS
4Ω stereo power: 2*5000W RMS
2Ω stereo power: 2*7100W RMS
8Ω Bridge power: 10000W RMS
4Ω Bridge power: 11000W RMS
Dimensions W * D * H (mm): 482*460*44mm
net weight: 12.3kg
MODEL: PFC228 8Ω Stereo power: 2*2800W RMS 4Ω stereo power: 2*4800W RMS 2Ω stereo power: 2*6800W RMS 8Ω Bridge power: 9600W RMS 4Ω Bridge power: 9800W RMS
Dimensions W * D * H (mm): 482*440*37mm
net weight: 10kg
8Ω Stereo power: 2*2000W RMS
4Ω stereo power: 2*3400W RMS
2Ω stereo power: 2*4800W RMS
8Ω Bridge power: 6800W RMS
4Ω Bridge power: 9600W RMS

Dimensions W * D * H (mm): 482*460*44mm
net weight: 12.2kg
Height :1U ,Class D, 2 channel digital power amplifier
(Operating Voltage:90-260V 60HZ/50HZ)
1U digital 2 channel power amplifier with PFC
Max output voltage/current under Stereo Mode: 230V/100A PEAK
Max output voltage/current under Bridge Mode: 460V PEAK
THD (1KHZ and 1db below clipping): <0.05%
Frequency response(20Hz-20kHz) : 20HZ-20kHZ +0/-1dB
Gain (optional)8ohm: 32dB /35dB/38dB/41dB
Operation Ambient Tempera: 0°C-45°C/32°F-113°F
output socket: Switzerland speakon connector Neutrik
Input socket: combo XLR type. 3 pin
THD+N Harmonic Distortion:<0.5% from 1 W to full power ( typical value<0.05%)
IMD (Intermodulation Distortion): <0.5% from 1 W to full power ( typical value <0.05%)
Signal Noise Ration : >110dB
Sensitivity (rated power 8Ω): 0.775V/1V/32dB
Damping Factor: >5000 @ 20-200hz
Slew Rate: >50V/us @8ohm
Input impedance ,Balanced >20kΩ / Unbalanced>10kΩ
Resolution: ≥75dB
crosstalk:>66dB @1khz
SNR(signal to noice Ratio)>110dBA(20hz-20khz,A weighted)
LED Display operative condition:Display temperature:Green means working normally,
Yellow indicates overheating warning
Heat-dissipating Method:Temperature control variable speed air cooling system
cooling air from front to back
Protection: Soft start, VHF, Ac and Dc protection;Clipper limiter;Overhigh frequency;Short circuit;Long term
amplituer;Thermal;Temperature warning;Switch machine mute; Signal line hot plug and Overload protection
Power supply voltage: PFC universal power supply system 90-260V voltage optional,
suitable for any country voltage;50hz-60hz
Medium-large scale venues including Touring performance ,stadium theater, concert hall, auditorium, theatre, music halls, night clubs, large discotheques, touring show, rental market  application