LA24 dual 12 inch two way line array system

LA24 dual 12 inch two way line array system

Frequency Response: 65Hz~18KHz
LF Driver: 12"×2
HF Driver: 75mm×1
Rated Power: LF:900W
Peak Power: LF:3600W
Impedance: LF: 4Ω / HF: 8Ω
Sensitivity(1W/1m)db: 107dB (1w@1m)
Maximum Peak SPL: 142dB (Pmax@1m)
Dispersion(-6d): 60° Hor× 40°Ver 
90°Hor ×  50° Ver 
Material: 15mm(0.6") PLYwood
Connectors: SPEAKON NL4×2
Dimensions: L440×W440×H706mm
Net Weight: 33kg
LA24 Dual 12 Inch Loudspeaker With Excellent Speech Intelligibility And Musicality
The LA24 Loudspeaker is a benchmark in the live and installations market. The 3" speaker horn structure makes outstanding dynamic and 143 dB top sound pressure, and the front surface of the shell is only 70 × 40 cm. Specially developed 12 "neodymium chassis with a new housing structure makes the top of the speaker can be a full range below 70Hz, with 3" titanium film new 3 "high-end drive can accurately reproduce the silk-like high-precision and no deformation Even at the highest level. Standard 60 × 40 degrees speaker can be, without tools can be replaced 90 × 50 degrees speaker. Besides, there is a bi-amp/passive switch at the rear panel for more convenient adjustment.
2*12 inch Low Frequency and black color pro line array speaker