J321 3*21'' Large format cardioid subwoofer

3*21'' J321 subwoofer ConfigurationLarge format cardioid subwoofer 
Frequency response (-5 dB standard)25 Hz - 59 Hz
Frequency response (–5 dB 70 Hz mode)26 Hz - 68 Hz
Nominal impedance3 Ω (front) / 6 Ω (rear)
Power handling capacity front (RMS/peak 10 ms)4000W/8000 W
Power handling capacity rear (RMS/peak 10 ms)2000W/4000 W
Components:3 x 21" driver cabinet: high quality plywood with black painting Polyurea finish 
Connections:1 x NLT4 F( optional 1 x EP5 or 1 x NL8)
Dimensions:(H x W x D)685 x 1180 x 1040 / 1158 mm
Weight:158 kg

The J321 is a cardioid infra subwoofer that can be used to supplement J-Series systems consisting of J LINE ARRAY and J318 cabinets. It extends the frequency response of a J-Series system down to 27 Hz and can only be used in ground stacked configurations in conventional left/right set-ups, as well as arranged in an infra subwoofer array. It has two bass-reflex chambers containing three 21" drivers.