1U class D 2channel digital amplifier BX1400/BX1100

BX1400 1U class D 2ch digital amp

GYIMPEX BX series 1 U Class D 2 channel digital power amplifier 1400W, 1300W,1100W,1000W,850W,800W.600W.350W.250W @ 8ohm.
BX series digital amplifier is a classical professional amplifier; it has inherited the high reliability and high applicability. It has added the digital
modulator circuit.
With a small size, it delivers big output power and outstanding sound. BX series includes five models for your choice. This series applied the
classical PWM circuit design and excellent protection circuit. It has high reliability and applicability, big dynamic range, small size, light weight, high
efficiency, low distortion, big output power, High switch mode frequency, precise controlling of dead-time, makes the distortion of the amplifier much lower, 
the sound quality reaches even passed the one of traditional transformer amplifier. This series used refined materials, using imported fan, system has very lower noice. 
BX1400 Height :1U ,Class D
Output power:(AC 230V /50Hz. All channels driven output power,THD=1%)
Stereo power 8Ω: 1400W*2
Stereo power 4Ω :2500W*2
Stereo power 2Ω: 2700W*2
Voltage Gain: 41dB
BX1100 Height :1U ,Class D
Output powerAC 230V /50Hz. All channels driven output power,THD=1%)
Stereo power 8Ω: 1100W*2
Stereo power 4Ω :2100W*2
Stereo power 2Ω: 2300W*2
Voltage Gain: 40dB
Frequency response: (@8Ω) 20Hz~20KHz,+-0.3dB~+-0.3dB
Slew Ratio: >50V/μS (RMS,1KHZ)
Damping Factor :>800(8ohm.20HZ-200HZ)
power supply :110-230V,50HZ-60HZ
Input Impendence :20KΩ(Balance)/10KΩ(Unbalance)
S/N Rate: ≥105dB
Input power or voltage: 1V
Cooling: Air flow from front to rear
Power requirements :AC 220V-240V (50-60HZ)
Product dimension: 483*375*44mm